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Our ability to help in your fundraising efforts is limited to your imagination, if your event is one that dictates food, let us come to you and prepare your dishes on site. All we need to know is what you want to serve and how many people are we going to serve. With proper planning we can provide tables, chairs, tents, you name it, we probably can provide it, with the exception of any alcoholic beverages. We can also come to your event and charge those that want our food and/or desserts and then offer a donation to your fundraising efforts. In either case, all costs or donations will be provided upfront so there are no problems at the end of the event.

The fundraising efforts must be for a legitimate cause.

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Our Entries and Desserts may contain eggs, egg byproducts, fish or shellfish, milk, nuts, nuts by-product, and various types of sugar. Customers need to be aware that our food may have these items or that these items are used in our kitchen. Food allergies can have devastating effects on people that are around products that could cause an allergic reaction. Our Daughter is allergic to eggs, so we need to be very cautious with our cooking when she’s visits. She always carries an EPPYPEN with her in case of a severe reaction. We do not have access to, or would be able to provide medication in the case of a reaction, we would however attempt to get emergency medical help, if requested, or we think it necessary.

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