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Our desserts are made fresh every day, no exceptions to this for any reason. Some items, such as the fruit we use to top our desserts are purchased fresh, cleaned, pitted, then flash frozen. By freezing the fruit it is our hope that we can offer these topping through the year. Our caramel is made from scratch, this saves us, which means our customers, we have tried numerous commercial caramel toppings, we believe ours taste as good, maybe better than the commercial brands and costs are less than fifteen percent of the commercial brands. Boxed cakes and puddings are a thing of the past, fresh is better.

Many people may not consider Lemonade to be a dessert, we disagree. While our Lemonade can certainly add to a meal or even a traditional dessert, we know that it can be a stand alone dessert. We hope you agree.

Susie's Fresh Smashed Lemonade has changed our food trailer, and with efforts hopefully will continue to grow. We smash your lemon when you order it. What could be better than fresh smashed lemonade that is made in front of you? We will make it tart, regular, or sweet depending on what you want, premade lemonade that is made in one flavorand sweetness can be great, but we think having choices on additional flavors and level of sweetness is better. We make our fruit puree every morning, so if you want a fruit flavored lemonade, if we have that flavor that is what we will use on your lemonade. Currently we are using Blackberry, Cherry, Peach, Mango, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pineapple and Pomegranate. The flavors we have always depend on what is currently available.

Persistence pays off, even if we did waste a lot of time and money. We started using Dasani Water for our base – another mistake. In researching water we found that using PH balanced water, not only is better for those drinking it, it also improves the taste.

We offer our lemonade in a 32 ounce plastic glass with lid and straw.

Imagine our Lemonade with Susie's Lasagna, Chicken on a Stick, or Ribs. The only thing that might be better, we doubt it, would be a fine bottle of wine – which we can not provide.

Apple Pie

Susies Apple Pie

Susie’s crusts makes her pies, they are light and flaky complementing the apples perfectly. Only two types of apples will do, and even those must have the right firmness and color, before they are used. Because we are working a Food Trailer, full sized nine inch pies do not work well. We now offer a 5 3/4” miniature Apple Pie. While I find even this to be a little too much for one person, some people that we have provided samples to disagree. On occasion, we will have these miniature Apple Pies on our trailer. November is a bad time for us, as many people want our full sized Apple Pies for their Thanksgiving dinner. As I am writing this on Sunday,

September 24th, Susie is baking a few pies that have been requested, and their not for Thanksgiving Dinner. As good as her pies are, that would become a science project, which nobody wants. We plan on passing our samples so people will know what to expect. To avoid any confusion we will need any orders a minimum of one week before pickup for Thanksgiving.


Susies Cherry Cheasecake Cupcakes

If any dessert is Susie’s signature dessert, this would be on top of the list, she has made these for years for Sears and American Furniture Warehouse. Because of the number of people, she was feeding her size cheesecake was in a half sized steam table pan which is 12.75 X 1.375 X 2.5”. This is a great size when you have a large number of people to feed. Susie has the 9” springboard baking pans for a conventional style – we are not typically conventional. We use Philadelphia Cream Cheese and a Gram Cracker crust. Spices are added to add that special taste.

We can provide these cheesecakes cupcakes in any quantity a customer wants, cheesecakes need to be kept cool, for a trip home, if it is close and your vehicles air conditioning works well you should not have a problem. For larger orders, to order ahead, we can package them in containers that will assist in keeping these treats cool.

Cheesecake Flavors

Susie flavors for her cheesecakes are as follows for all sizes, cupcake, nine inch round, and half sized steam table pans.

Apple – for those that like Susie’s apple pies this will surprise you, Salted caramel – this uses our made from scratch caramel with just a hint of special salt – my favorite hands down, Blueberry – this is Susie’s favorite, Raspberry – one of my favorites, Cherry - which seems to be a hit with those that have sampled it, Peach, Peanut butter – an odd flavor for cheesecakes but very good, and Red Velvet – everyone needs to try this combination of cheesecake and traditional cake – cupcake and nine inch only.

No doubt more flavors are to be added, right now Susie's plate is full. Contact Susie with any flavors you may want, its likely that we will give your flavor a try.

Chocolate Éclair

Chocolate Eclairs

Many people think this a cream puff, not so. This delicate pastry is as light as they come; they are filled with vanilla filling and frosted with a light chocolate frosting. I can’t decide which is my favorite dessert, apple pie, or chocolate eclairs, they are both excellent.


Better than Sex Cupcakes

Susie, takes pride in her cupcakes, the taste of most of her creations are incredible! Every one has their own likes and dislikes, the S’mores are just a little to much for me. From samples, others think these S’mores are incredible. One of Susies more interesting cupcakes is her, Better than Sex cupcakes. A wide variety of made daily cupcakes includes, Chocolate, German Chocolate, Pineapple upside-down – the pineapple is canned by Dole, Poppy Seed, Red Velvet, Root Beer with Cream Soda frosting, Samoa, and of course S’mores.


Twenty-Five years ago, she received an order for one hundred and twenty baker’s dozen cookies to be delivered on a Monday. The Saturday before the order was due, I called Susie at work to verify when the order was due, she responded a week from Monday. She did not realize they were due in two days before noon. Bedlam is an understatement; we had had cookie dough and finished cookies everywhere. Our client loved them and placed several large orders, but nothing like that first order, over the next six years.

Susie has not decided if cookies will be part of our menu, it will depend on our customers ‘requests. The list of cookies that we make includes Chocolate - Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, Mexican Wedding Cake, and Susie's Sugar Cookie.

Our Entries and Desserts may contain eggs, egg byproducts, fish or shellfish, milk, nuts, nuts by-product, and various types of sugar. Customers need to be aware that our food may have these items or that these items are used in our kitchen. Food allergies can have devastating effects on people that are around products that could cause an allergic reaction. Our Daughter is allergic to eggs, so we need to be very cautious with our cooking when she’s visits. She always carries an EPPYPEN with her in case of a severe reaction. We do not have access to, or would be able to provide medication in the case of a reaction, we would however attempt to get emergency medical help, if requested, or we think it necessary.

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