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Susie’s AZ Kitchen has been a passion of Susie's for decades; she just did not realize that her passion for cooking would evolve into pursuing her love, in a Food Trailer. Her 2016 trailer is clean, our LLC and insurance is in place, and the wrap for the trailer is awesome. Maintenance is always an issue; cleanliness is paramount and is taken seriously. Before every event we wipe down the interior of our trailer, after an event we clean the interior of the trailer.

Susie's AZ Kitchen's Trailer

We’re hoping for the best.

For decades, one of Susie’s passions has been cooking her meals / deserts, sometimes on a large scale. Twenty–years ago, she received an order for one hundred and twenty baker’s dozen cookies to be delivered on a Monday. The Saturday before the order was due, Jim called Susie at work to verify when the order was due, she responded a week from Monday. She did not realize they were due in two days before noon. Bedlam is an understatement; we had cookie dough and finished cookies everywhere. Our client loved them and placed several additional large orders, but nothing like that first order; over the next six years. Thanksgiving is always busy as we seem to bake dozens of apple pies a week. While Susie worked for Sears, she hosted a weekly pot luck lunches for those that worked under her direction. This turned into cooking for between twenty to thirty-five each week. Susie left Sears and soon began working for a large furniture store in Colorado, American Furniture Warehouse. Within a year, Susie had become a Sales Manager and once again started her weekly pot luck lunches. When a holiday or some other function required meals for American Furniture Warehouse employees, Susie is in charge. These weekly functions have continued for years, when we relocated to Arizona they just continued. In these weekly meals, Susie would include a salad, an entree with the associated sides, and a dessert.

Our menu at most Food Truck events is based on what our customers want. Catering is a totally different matter, in our food, dessert arsenal we have a wide range of options. We should have posted our typical menu before now, we just did not think about it. The following are typically meals, we offer at our Food Truck events.

Chicken on a Stick with French Fries – we take fresh chicken breast and skewer it, than marinate it in our own marinade. We either add a second fresh made teriyaki sauce or provide the sauce in a small dipping cup. Our French Fries are sliced fresh every day and double fried in Peanut Oil. We offer this in adult servings or as a kid’s meal.

Lasagna – We prepare our Lasagna fresh daily, beef, pork, three cheeses, a slew of fresh vegetables and fresh spices. We strive to make everything from scratch however, we do use Barilla noodles and canned tomato products in our Lasagna. Depending on availability, we offer full pans of Lasagna to go, either cooked or uncooked.

Pork Loin Ribs with French Fries –four bones of pork loin back ribs with Susie’s Bar –B – Que sauce. Often I prefer them without Bar–B–Que sauce. We try to keep them on the bones, but are not always successful. Our French Fries are sliced fresh every day and are double fried in Peanut Oil. We offer this in adult servings or as a kid’s meal. Depending on availability, we offer full racks of ribs to go.

French Fries – Our French Fries are sliced fresh every day and are double fried in Peanut Oil.

Typical Desserts at our Food Truck Events.

All desserts are made from scratch, unless noted.

Better than Sex Cupcakes – An incredible dessert that starts with German Chocolate Cake, saturated with condensed sweetened milk, than saturated with our own Caramel Sauce, then topped off with a fresh whipped cream frosting. Then we use some purchased crunched Butter Finger to add some color. Typically, we have enough on hand to supply some to people that want to take a few home. With an advance order, we can make a batch for you to take home. We also make these cheesecakes in 1/3 or half sheets should you have an event planned.

Cheesecake Cupcakes – This seems to be Susie’s signature dessert and it should be. A Honey Maid Graham Cracker crust, which is better than our home made Graham Cracker. We fill the cup with our cream cheese mixture, which by itself is over the top delicious. We generally top our cheesecakes with a blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, or salted caramel pecan topping. You can’t go wrong. Typically, we have enough on hand to supply some to people that want to take a few home. With an advance order, we can make a batch for you to take home. We also make these cheesecakes in 1/3 or half sheets should you have an event planned.

Lemonade – Now most people don’t think Lemonade is a dessert, I didn’t until we started making our version of Lemonade. Our Lemonade is made from scratch, scrubbed lemons, smashed when you order your lemonade – did I say FRESH. We ask you how sweet you want it, tart, regular, or sweet. We make our own simple syrup to sweeten your drink because it spreads more evenly than if we used plain sugar. Not everyone can take sugar, so we make sugar substitute simple syrup and you can have that in a tart, regular, or sweet manner. We offer our lemonade in Old Fashion – Blackberry –Strawberry – Raspberry – or Berry Blast – All three Berries together. We puree our fruit the morning of each event, we do not use a commercially available fruit syrup – Fresh is Best.

Susie's Entrees include Chicken on a Stick with Fresh Cut French Fries – double fried in Peanut Oil., Baby Back Ribs with Fresh Cut French Fries – double fried in Peanut Oil., Beef Barley Soup, Chili and Crackers, Lasagna, Ribeye Steak with Baked Potato, and Sloppy Joes with Potato Chips. Susie's Desserts include “Better than Sex” cupcakes, Cheesecake in a wide variety of flavors, Poppy Seed Cake, Rice Krispy Treats, and a whole lot more. Over the past few years, Susie’s Cheesecakes have become very popular and now we often have several half sheet cheesecakes a day to cook. These potluck lunches have developed into catering in an occasional manner, from a family gathering to a group of fifty. Now that we are equipped properly, we have started taking on large groups for catering, special events, and fund raising opportunites.

Last year, when Susie became serious about this Food Trailer business, we visited many Food Trucks and Food Trailers to see what our possible competitors were selling, sampling many dishes and desserts. Due to those visits, we saw that few vendors sold our types of entrees, and practically none sold our types of desserts. Susie’s decided to take the plunge and follow her dream.

Our plan is to start primarily as a Food Trailer with a regular route in Phoenix’s; we may attend various Food Truck Events and Fairs. Based on our initial contacts while passing out samples, we feel our catering possibilities may be large. We certainly hope this to be true. Our Calendar will show those that have an interest where we will be at during the week. Go to our Calendar

Something that we feel is missing from certain Food Trucks – Trailers is that often they do not pass out free samples. When we start, we will be passing out lots of samples. Once we become established we may reduce the amount of samples, we plan on continuing samples so those people that have not tasted our entrees or desserts know what they will get, once they do purchase from us.

Our plan is to serve two, maybe three Entrees and two, maybe three Desserts a day, for the first few weeks we may do more. The entrees will include Baby Back Ribs with Fresh Cut French Fries, Chicken on a Stick with Fresh Cut French Fries, and Lasagna. We serve fresh cut French Fries instead of Wild Rice. We now serve fresh Macaroni and Cheese, this was originally intended for people that could not have our French Fries, due to our frying them in Peanut Oil. We were using our Macaroni and Cheese as a substitute side dish. Well some times the best laid plans go askew, Susie now serves Macaroni and Cheese as a main course with add ons available. We of course sale it as a dide dish as well as in bulk. Look at our Entry Page for more information on our entries.

Desserts will include Miniature, or 9" traditional Apple Pies, "Better than Sex" cupcakes, Cheesecake cupcakes in eight to ten flavors in – Cupcake size, 9" traditional springboard size, or ½ sheet sized for larger groups, Chocolate Eclairs, Cupcakes in fifteen to eighteen flavors, and more. Our cupcakes can be made in conventional full sizes cakes or ½ sheet sized. We also often make these for group events in ½ sheet sized, for those that have larger groups. Look at our Dessert Page for more information on our Desserts and more on various flavors offered.

Our entrees and Desserts are made fresh every day, no exceptions to this for any reason. With a few exceptions we make all food from scratch, current exceptions include, Johnsonville Sausage, Lasagna Noodles, Tomato’s and Tomato’s Sauce. We also use commercially availabe French Bread and Buns.

Our entrees and Desserts may contain eggs, eggs byproducts, fish or shellfish, milk, nuts, nuts by–product, and various types of sugar. Customers need to be aware that our food may have these items or that these items are used in our kitchen. Food allergies can have devastating effects on people that are around products that could cause an allergic reaction. Our Daughter is allergic to eggs, so we need to be very cautious with our cooking when she’s visits. She always carries an EPPYPEN with her in case of a severe reaction. We do not have access to, or would be able to provide medication in the case of a reaction, we would however attempt to get emergency medical help, if requested, or we thought it necessary.

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